Florian Junghans studied law in Potsdam and Jena and was admitted as a lawyer in 2006. Before he joined MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft in 2013 he has been active as a lawyer in several law firms in Aurich and Wiesbaden.

Florian Junghans´ practice concentrates on all legal questions about real property. This includes, in particular, commercial tenancy law, condominium law, real property purchase law as well as real property due diligence. His clients comprise real property managers and owners as well as shopping centre operators and real property funds. In terms of tenants, he represents retail trade businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

Furthermore Florian Junghans gives advise to architects, constructors, building project organisers as well as building owners about all issues regarding civil building law and liability of architects. Because of his comprehensive knowledge in the field of condominium law he is specialized in all subjects dealing with warranty rights and construction defects on condominium.