Holger Pauly studied law in Saarbrücken and was admitted as a lawyer in 1995. Before he joined MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft in 2017, he has been active as a lawyer in several law firms in Saarbrücken. In 2012 he was admitted to practice as a specialist lawyer for construction law and architect law. Since 1995 Holger Pauly writes application-oriented specialist articles for different publishing houses in particular in the field of private construction including the law governing architects, the Estate Agent Law and the Law for Builders and the whole property law. Since 1/4/2017 Holger Pauly has been working as a lawyer for the MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft.

Holger Pauly gives advice to architects, constructors, building project organizers as well as building owners about all issues regarding civil building law and liability of architects.

His clients compromise real property managers and owners, brokers as well as medium-sized enterprises.