Modern communication possibilities, discontinuation of trade barriers and the increased readiness to make investments abroad have pulled the international markets together. Enterprises increasingly consider themselves subject to global competition. They require strong partners at their sides who can provide a broad scope of professional advice and support them in these processes.

It is for this reason that we are a member of MSI Global Alliance, one of the worldwide largest multidisciplinary alliances of independent medium-sized consulting entities in the fields of tax consultancy, legal advice und auditing. With more than 250 locations in more than 100 countries and thus in almost all economic centres of the world, we provide our clients with multifaceted support in collaboration with our partners.

In this respect, the cooperation within the alliance is not based merely on a connection through anonymous lists but is based rather on interpersonal relationships. Harmonised quality standards, regular meetings and a personal exchange between the members guarantee our clients optimal support. This is the case whether the client requires the incorporation of a branch in China, support with contract negotiations in the USA or cross-border issues of a company group in Europe.

Please watch the video stated below to get informations about the MSI network.