We advise companies which compete. This begins with the company’s own name, the legal advice and support with the development of advertising and marketing strategies for new products or an Internet presence.

Our advice starts where later attacks from competitors by warning, preliminary injunction, cease and desist obligation with a penalty or damages can be avoided. In this context, we develop strategies for the avoidance of disputes.

We do not limit our involvement, however, to merely pointing out legal risks to our clients but instead at the same time we seek to develop creative alternatives to achieve the aims established by our clients.

In the same way, we develop strategies which can be applied to fight unfair competition of other market participants. Thus, we examine the form of competitors´ advertising measures for unfair components, conduct research and investigations regarding the scope of infringements and consistently send warnings of conduct which is anti-competitive.

Should litigation be unavoidable, we actively and quickly utilise the varied procedural possibilities to enforce the rights of our clients.