We advise all parties involved in construction projects with their diverse consulting needs. Ideally, this consultation begins before the start of a construction project in order to strengthen one's own legal position and to avoid errors that cannot be corrected later on.

A well thought-out drafting of contracts with knowledge of the law governing contracts for work and services, including VOB/B, also serves to ensure smooth project execution and prevents expensive and risky processes. Together with the tax advisors specializing in the tax treatment of real estate in our office, we provide comprehensive advice on drafting contracts and structuring real estate commitments.

The services of architects and engineers are only rudimentarily comparable with other contracts for work and services. This involves specific expertise, often in the area of remuneration law, as well as the regulations of the old and new fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI).

Basic technical understanding and many years of practical experience in the project business enable us to quickly grasp complicated facts and interests in construction and to offer our clients target-oriented solutions.

You can rest assured that our services are based on precise knowledge of contract law for works and services, including the provisions of the German Construction Contract Procedures for Building Works Part B (Allgemeinen Technischen Vertragsbedingungen für Bauleistungen or VOB/B)

Your lawyers for construction law in Darmstadt, Dresden and Freiberg.