Our experts in tenancy law help clients draft contracts and conduct contract negotiations, cleverly using bargaining leverage to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. The top priority for us here is to secure and extend our clients’ rights.

When landlord-tenant disputes arise, we negotiate with the conflict party to develop sensible solutions for the continuation of the tenancy. Where appropriate, we give notice of termination in a manner that can withstand judicial review, and serve notice to vacate and/or initiate recovery action against the tenant to prevent further damage.

Our clients on the letting side include shopping centre operators and real estate investment funds as well as all other commercial real estate owners. On the tenant side, we represent small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) leasing retail, office or other commercial premises.

Our activities are also focused on advising and representing property management firms in the area of lettings management. We draft service agreements for facility management that factor in the specific needs of real estate professionals and support you with any professional challenges you might encounter.

As part of real estate due diligence checks, we also review tenancy and other agreements as well as the regulatory framework associated with the acquisition of a property.