The preparation of accounting and tax (annual) financial statements are of course included in our scope of services. In addition to the pure preparation work, we take care to assure individual optimisation by the exercise of option rights of an accounting and tax nature.

Due to the fact that the annual financial statements per se are only of limited value, we generally compile a report with regard to our work and provide explanations to the individual items on the balance sheet and the income statement. Such a meaningful report is indispensible vis-à-vis banks with regard to a good rating and the more favourable loan conditions connected therewith.

In crisis situations, we point out insolvency factual situations to our clients in good time and provide intensive advice as to which insolvency law risks are to be avoided. In addition, we advise our clients with regard to how crises can be overcome. The strength of our advice provided as a team is shown greatly here as a product of our multi-professionalism.

Of course, we also prepare annual financial statements in English for our foreign clients.