In our Payroll Department we prepare your payroll in German as well as English. We can advise you on ad hoc matters regarding the payroll calculations, and offer you support during any official audit or investigation in the area of payroll accounting.

We can rapidly clarify any legal queries you may have with our employment law Legal Department, as may be necessary. The close collaboration between the Payroll Department and the Legal Department provides our clients with a high level of quality that pure accounting or tax practices are often unable to match.

Our services in the area of payroll accounting include:

  • Setting up the payroll accounting
  • Preparing the payslips
  • Consultancy on individual topics in the area of payroll tax, e.g. optimising payments to employees or travel expenses
  • Support for clients in setting up payroll accounting within the company
  • Assisting with audits in the following areas:
     - External payroll tax audit
     - Social security audit
     - Auditing social security payments for artists
     - Auditing professional associations