In view of a permanent minimisation of the tax burden, we place great value on proactive advice, i.e. we take the initiative, anticipate and suggest alternatives for action to our clients.

Furthermore, we provide advice with the selection of legal form, both with regard to corporate law as well as with regard to tax law aspects. Our clients profit from our multi-professionalism in this case as well.

The correct tax strategy plays a major role also with long-term property transfers between generations. In this connection, we actively provide advice with regard to matters of time and implementation alternatives with property transfers.

In this context, we refer to questions of civil law inheritance laws and take into consideration the effects to the inheritance and gift tax law as well as the taxes on earnings law.

The strength of advising within a multi-professional team is illustrated here: we develop individual solutions which are not only tax optimised but which are also capable of being enforced according to civil law.