There are various reasons to undertake a company valuation.

Mostly, these are statutory regulations or contractual agreements as, e.g. in the case of joining or withdrawing of shareholders/partners from corporations or partnerships, cases of inheritance or successor planning.

However, also event-related company valuation as, e.g. with the acquisition and sale of enterprises/shareholdings, valuations of contribution in kind, plausibility check of business plans or the valuation of assets such as, e.g. trademark and patent rights, real property and claims are often the basis of our activities.

With the valuation of enterprises, our auditors work in various functions, namely, as neutral expert, adviser or arbitrator/mediator.

Independent of the reason for the company valuation, the intention is to find a value which meets the requirements of the law or, respectively, equitably meets the perceptions of the contract parties.

In this respect, there is more than one valuation method and more than “one correct value”. According to the professional standards, we agree jointly with the client with regard to the valuation mandate, our function as well as the procedure of the valuation.

A valuation is a sensible, responsible task which demands professional know-how and pertinent experience. The composition of our valuation team is determined according to the individual valuation case. In this way, we guarantee a high measure of expertise in order to optimally perform your valuation mandate.