Enterprises which are not mandated by law to have their annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements audited are happy to undergo voluntary audits before their own banks demand of them to do so.

Individual initiative illustrates foresight in this case. An audited financial statement confirms the integrity and the risk consciousness of an enterprise and is very welcome by banks. In this context we agree with our clients in advance upon the service they actually need.

In addition to these regularity audits, we conduct additional commercial audits and tax audits. These are:

  • audit of internal processes

  • audit of risk management and control system

  • due diligence audits

  • audit of financial rehabilitation concepts

  • preparation of special balance sheets for purposes of enterprise restructuring, business analysis/settlement proceedings , rehabilitation, liquidation, grant of loans

  • audit of transfer pricing and cost allocations

  • Cash audits to pursuant to Section 69 of the Insolvency Code (Insolvenzordnung or InsO)