After an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant, Nele Bienert studied law in Mainz with a focus on inheritance law and private international law. Besides her studies and internship, she worked as a scientific assistant in the field of company law in an international business law firm in Frankfurt am Main.

As part of her internship Ms. Bienert worked for a law firm in Cape Town as well as for MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft.

As a lawyer and certified tax law specialist at MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, Ms. Bienert advises clients on matters of inheritance law, tax law and company law.
In the field of inheritance law she drafts wills and inheritance contracts and advises on company succession and on foundation law.
In the field of tax law, she advises on inheritance tax and capital transfer tax, represents clients in penal proceedings for tax offences as well as in opposition proceedings and fiscal court proceedings.
In company law her focus is on drafting articles of association and monitoring company restructurings.